The best way to Make Use of Giants Efficiently in Battle of Families

Clash of Clans

In my opinion, Giants are now the most effective troops in Battle of Families for a lot of reasons. One reason is that Giants can fill the tank job a lot better than Barbarians since they’ve much more health and so they’re not as vulnerable to splash clash of clans strike from Mortars and Expert Towers. They’re also successful on the map only because they prioritize targeting a defensive building which means by using Giants you’ll be able to concentrate on neutralizing the enemy’s defensive power as quickly as possible. Giants are also well known for their exceptional uses to deflect and soak up hits for their comrades.

One successful raiding strategy may be used using a mixture of few Giants and a lot of Archers. First, deploy Giants to divert all the defensive buildings strike focus and after that rapidly drop Archers near the assaulting tower to ruin them…

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apoc wars zombies clash cheats


Regarding the game:

In Apoc Battles, revenge is just a recipe best served cold!

Apoc Conflicts is a unique, free-to- play, interpersonal realtime strategy game that happens in the decades following the Great Apocalypse. The entire world has blown itself to parts and resources are tight. Become an expert at raiding enemy bases for any loot you may get your hands on. And when someone requires your material, it’s not the end of the world. That previously occurred! Send your tanks and get it back.

Create and enhance your bottom and its defenses to battle all comers. Ally along with your friends and grab awesome loot . Provide the loot you’ve purchased to boost your abilities. Episode your rivals in real time with full control of the troops. Watch your enemies’ methods to improve your defenses. Uncover new buildings and special soldiers for inflicting maximum harm. And because you can…

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clash of clans hack

clash of clans hack


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